Furthotics were originally designed for sheepskin winter boots that do not provide any foot support. We found that they also work great in fashion boots and all shoes where added warmth can benefit. A top cover of sheepskin is used instead of typical orthotic materials.

  • Sheepskin is one of nature’s most luxurious insulators, which makes sheepskin foot orthotics truly cozy.

  • Sheepskin reduces pressure on the skin, reduces moisture, and reduces shear exerted to the feet.

  • The fleece molds to the shape of your foot, creating a natural arch support.

  • The hollow fibers of the wool have breathing properties that allow sheepskin to maintain body temperature

Sheepskin can be added to any custom foot orthotic. They are warm and plush in ski boots, and perfect for winter boots.

Non-Custom Furthotics are made with a polypropylene longitudinal arch support that is semi-rigid and supportive. $65.00